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AML+ All Materials Locator for PE, PVC pipes

AML+ All Materials Locator for PE, PVC pipes

Producer: SubSurface Instruments


The only proven method of detection for PCV, PE pipes and almost any other underground object.

The new improved AML+TM locator is based on a proven, patented radio technology, which made underground of PE and PCV location possible. It locates almost each underground element, that has an edge including plastic, metal, wood, concrete and wires. AML is the most proven industrial locator for any materials.

AML+ provides a method for locating and tracking objects, that have a different density than the surrounding medium. It provides a detection of underground elements, wires and pipes made of PE, PVC, concrete, stoneware, as well as stones and other obstacles and changes in the ground topology.

Main features of the AML+ locator:

  • The new microprocessor electronics
  • Patented ultra high radio frequency technology
  • Durable ABS case
  • 9 sensitivity settings
  • 9-Volt battery power supply
  • External lithium battery connected via the USB port
  • 3-year warranty
  • Headphones for comfortable work in noisy environments


How does it work?
The AML locator has been equipped with a special, patented radio transmitter, emitting ultra-high frequency 2,45 GHz waves, developed by NASA for the study of elements located under the surface of the moon. Uniqueness of this transmitter involves the emissions of a very focused beam of radio waves. The radio waves reflected from the underground objects return to the device and they are read by the receivers on both sides of the device. Then internal electronics analyzes the signal using 15 000 algorithms and informs the user whether the receiver has detected an obstacle or not. When the AML gets a reading on both of the receivers, it means that the underground object was found and the device is aligned parallel to its edge. In this situation the device activates the sound signal and a laser pointer is displayed on the ground in the place where the object was located.

Locating an object:

Determining the direction of an object:


Sensitivity settings of device:
The AML+ locator has 9 sensitivity levels that allow the user to determine the signal strength, above which the receiver will signal the detection of an object. Thus the user can choose the appropriate sensitivity setting for the current task and for instance determine it in a way to reject weaker signals generated by objects located below interesting object.


An example of operation:

SubSurface Instruments company is known for producing highly reliable and trouble-free devices for location. However, if a warranty issue occurs, our aim is to resolve them as seamlessly as possible and allow You quick return to work. Therefore SubSurface Instruments provides a warranty period of 3 years from date of purchase. AML Pro and AML+ have special guarantee to be free from material and workmanship defects for the original buyer.


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