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Mobilne regulowane obciążenie rezystancyjne jednofazowe oraz trójfazowe RH


Mobilne regulowane obciążenie rezystancyjne jednofazowe oraz trójfazowe RH

Producer: Langlois


• The high quality of loads depends directly of the quality of switches used. All of our loads use ultra
fast breaker switches, capable of breaking a DC current with an inductive load, for example the current
generated by a 3kW dynamo.
• The resistive elements consist of a wire coil wound onto a ceramic core and have a good life because
they are coating against the oxydation.
• The input terminals are double insulated and accept equally Ø4mm standard or safety leads.


• The selection of the operating mode is by 4 insulated input switches
DC mode or 240V single-phase.
3-phase star 400V.
3-phase delta 240V.
(Exists also for voltages 127/220V in 4kW upon request)
• 6 switches (7 on RH40S model) with the gradation 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 25%
● allow a continual progression without a break of the load from 0 to 100% in steps
● of 5% (2.5% on the RH40S).
• All of the intermidiate values are obtained by turning 1 or 2 switches which can be made simultaneously
using 2 hands.
• Male earth sockets in standard. Female earth socket upon request.
• Robust construction with furnace baked epoxy paintwork. Excess heat is vented by
natural convection through a grid which prevents contact with any voltages.
• Dimensions: 660 x 400 x 880mm
• CEI1010 CATIII 1000Vrms pol2

Ref      W      Nb of switches  Variation in       Type             Weight
RH20   2kW   6                    Steps of 5%     with wheels     44kg
RH40   4kW   6                    Steps of 5%     with wheels     44kg
RH40S 4kW   7                    Steps of 2.5%   with wheels     44kg
RH60   6kW   6                    Steps of 5%     with wheels      50kg
RH80   8kW   6                    Steps of 5%      with wheels     50kg


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