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Przenośny oscyloskop z multimetrem GDS320 (200MHz, 5M) ekran dotykowy

Przenośny oscyloskop z multimetrem GDS320 (200MHz, 5M) ekran dotykowy

Producent: GW Instek

Cena netto: 6 100,00 PLN

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Opis głównych parametrów oscyloskopów serii GDS200/300

  • Do wyboru pasma 200/100/70MHz , dwa kanały
  • Maksymalne próbkowanie 1GSa/s
  • Maksymalna pamięć 5M na kanał
  • Wyświetlacz dotykowy 7”cali  800 x 480 kolor LCD,
  • Wbudowany multimetr cyfrowy 50,000 Cyfr
  • Funkcja logger zapis do 30,000 rekordów, ponowny odczyt zapisanych danych
  • Funkcja pomiaru temperatury oraz loggera
  • Wbudowany kalkulator inżyniera, kodowanie rezystancji SMD, Kodowanie informacji o kolorach, oraz aplikacja wyliczająca wartość tłumienia
  • Opcjonalne sondy różnicowe dla uzyskania izolowanych kanałów



Informacja odnośnie zamówienia:

GDS-320  200MHz?2 channels?Digital Oscilloscope

GDS-310  100MHz?2 channels?Digital Oscilloscope

GDS-307  70MHz?2 channels?Digital Oscilloscope

GDS-220  200MHz?2 channels?Digital Oscilloscope

GDS-210  100MHz?2 channels?Digital Oscilloscope

GDS-207  70MHz?2 channels?Digital Oscilloscope

Akcesoria standardowe

GTP-100A-4   100MHz Probe. Suitable for GDS-307/207, GDS-310/210

GTP-200A-4   200MHz Probe. Suitable for GDS-320/220

GTL-207      Multimeter Test Lead x 2

GSC-010       Soft Carrying Case

GSC-011       Soft Carrying Bag

GAP-001       AC-DC Adaptor

GWS-001      Wrist Strap

Akcesoria dodatkowe:

GDP-040D     40MHz Dual-Channel Differential Probe, Suitable for GDS-300/200

GTL-253      Type A – Mini USB Cable

GCL-001      Vertical Calibration Cable

Darmowe oprogramowanie do komunikacji z PC

OpenWave 200 Software


GDS-200/300 series oscilloscopes, the brand new concept compact digital oscilloscopes developed by GW Instek, introduce 7” capacitive full touch panel LCD which can be positioned in portrait and landscape display. The recharging-battery design makes the series easy to operate for field operations.  The GDS-200/300 series are applicable in laboratories, R&D, large electric system tests, power product tests, motor tests, solar power battery inspection and repair, and maintenance personnel who are always on field assignments.

The GDS-200/300 series, with two analog signal input channels, have advanced and standard models which come with 70MHz, 100MHz and 200MHz bandwidth. The maximum sample rate per channel is 1GSa/s and memory depth is 5Mpts. GDS-300 series oscilloscopes are equipped with 50,000 counts DMM, and GDS-200 5,000 counts DMM which can simultaneously measure and monitor A.C. and D.C. voltage and current, and temperature. Trend plot in a long period of time can also be drawn that allows engineers to effectively monitor standard electric parameters while measuring basic circuit signals.

Optional 40 MHz dual-channel differential probe can achieve equivalent isolation results for measurement system under strict power and grounding environment. Users can also easily apply the oscilloscope as a very convenient USB storage equipment to store waveform images and raw data. Additionally, the oscilloscope can be connected with smart phones to transmit the recorded data. Engineers are aware of GW Instek oscilloscopes’ thoughtful designs through diversified application software. Advanced DMM function and GO/NOGO template editing facilitate users in conducting advanced diversified measurement functions. Engineering calculator, attenuation calculation analysis, and resistance indication analysis help users apply auxiliary functions that demonstrate the concept of powerful and comprehensive technological integration.



  • Full Touch Panel Capacitive LCD



    01 02
    GDS-200/300 series oscilloscopes adopt full touch panel capacitive LCD. In the era of smart phone explosion, GW Instek can also usher users into the full touch panel measurement era. With only one finger, users not only can move waveform up and down but also the trigger line position. Two-point touch panel is also applied. Engineers can use two fingers to adjust vertical voltage level and to enlarge or narrow time division scale. The brand new touch panel and swift response renew your measurement concept. Additionally, one finger drag menu selection allows users to follow their intuition to locate required measurement functions, and to save and retrieve diagrams and data anytime anywhere.
  • Portrait/Landscape Display



    03 04
    GDS-200/300 series oscilloscopes allow portrait and landscape display. Engineers have different requirements under different environments. When field test and measurement is necessary engineers often need portrait display to conduct measurement due to environment limitation and the emphasis of integrated functions. Waveform measurement and DMM can be simultaneously operated. When indoor test and measurement is required engineers often need stable measurements and large screen which is answered by landscape display. 7” full measurement screen can also be applied as a stable desk-top oscilloscope.
  • Simultaneous utilization of Oscilloscope and DMM



    Traditional oscilloscopes can not meet users’ requirements of conducting integrated system circuit measurement. One extra DMM is often required to work with traditional oscilloscopes to handle enormous test requirements. GDS-200/300 series oscilloscopes integrate the functions of oscilloscope and DMM to conduct simultaneous measurements. In the analysis of system circuit waveforms, GDS-200/300 can also use DMM to measure basic voltage and current of the peripheral components that provides users with very powerful test integration. 07
  • 30,000 Waveform Records Replay Function



    05 06
    GDS-200/300 series oscilloscopes have built-in 30,000 waveform records replay function. With this function, engineers can monitor circuit in a long period of time. When 30,000 waveform records are completed history records can be replayed repeatedly. Any intermittently appeared abnormal waveforms can be identified by this function which provides users with a very powerful search and debugging weapon.
  • Optional Differential Probe


    In many strict test and measurement environments, system power isolation and grounding problem have become one of the key issues. Bad isolation and grounding will have serious impact on circuit system safety. Optional differential probe of GDS-200/300 series oscilloscopes can achieve equivalent isolation results for measurement system and there is no grounding problem. Under today’s economic constraints, using differential probe to achieve isolation result is one of the best choices.

  • Briefing Material Compilation



    08 09
    Engineers or students often compile briefing material for work or class requirements. The completeness and convenience of briefing often determine users’ performance. GDS-200/300 series oscilloscopes provide very strong briefing material compilation function. Before compiling briefing material, users can select different test and background conditions such as date, time and cursor. In addition, measurement parameters can also be determined based upon different requirements. This customer-made function not only shows the complete waveforms but also provides peripheral parameters to become the key communication bridge for work and class requirements.
  • GO/NOGO Template Editing



    10 11
    Many component or system manufacturers require GO and NOGO product analysis for quality control or production. GDS-200/300 series oscilloscopes have the same GO/NOGO function as that of GW Instek other oscilloscopes. This function establishes corresponding waveform templates based on waveforms measured to conduct GO or NOGO results calculation. Additionally, GDS-200/300 have template editing function. Users not only can edit template freely according to test or environment conditions but also set templates with different ceiling and floor boundaries, making GO/NOGO function more diversified and user-friendly.
  • Tools Electrical Engineers Often Applied



    12 13
    GDS-200/300 series oscilloscopes have built-in diversified application software to provide users with very thoughtful auxiliary tools. In the tedious circuit design process, engineering calculator software provides mathematical calculation functions from basic to advanced allowing engineers to thoroughly understand circuit response and parameter value. Resistance calculation software not only provides accurate resistance value for different surface embedded resistance codes but also color coding resistance value enquiry function. It is a very powerful auxiliary tool for users from students to senior electrical engineers.
  • Image Storage and Preview Function



    GDS-200/300 series oscilloscopes can record screen images and preview images. In many complex test and measurement environments, when engineers can not observe images from his or her computer immediately after images were stored the image preview function allows users to make sure file is correct right away. Pre-observation operation is also very convenient to users. 15
  • Used as an USB Storage Device


    Once engineers finished waveform measurement and report compilation, GDS-200/300 series oscilloscopes can be used as USB storage component to retrieve and store files. Briefing speaking, users can use USB connecting cable to connect GDS 200/300 with the PC or handheld device to retrieve any required files for follow-up actions. Today, smart phone is ubiquitous, the screenshots and measurement results of GDS-300/200 can be transmitted via smart phone that saves a lot of troubles.

  • Temperature Measurement and Logging Function

    GDS-300 series oscilloscopes’ built-in temperature measurement and logging function allows users to conduct systematic temperature measurement and logging for electric components and electric systems. This function can collocate with different temperature measurement probes.  B,E,J,K,N,R,S,T thermal coupling measurement probes are also supported to conduct Celsius and Fahrenheit scaled temperature measurement. Users can also use trend plot editing to conduct temperature monitoring in a long period of time. It is a simple and convenient measurement tool for quality assurance and test departments.











  Odchylanie Pionowe



2 (BNC-Shield)


Impedancja wejściowa

1MΩ±2%, 16.5pf około.


Maks napięcie wejściowe



Sprzężenie wejścia




DC~70MHz (-3dB)

DC~100MHz (-3dB)

DC~200MHz (-3dB)

DC~70MHz (-3dB)

DC~100MHz (-3dB)

DC~200MHz (-3dB)


Czas narastania









2mV/dz.~10V/dz, (1-2-5 increments)



±(3% x Readout + 0.1 div + 1mV)


Limit pasma




Normal, Invert


Zakres Offsetu

2mV/div~50mV/div : ±0.4V
100mV/div~500mV/div : ±4V
1V/div~5V/div : ±40V
10V/div : ±300V

Akwizycja sygnału


Próbkowanie w czasie rzeczywistym




5M punktów na kanał

1M punktów na kanał


Tryby akwizycji

Średnia: 2~256 przebiegów
Wykrywanie pików: 10ns
sin(x)/x lub ET


Odświarzanie wfms.

30,000 wfms.




Ch1 lub Ch2


Tryb wyzwalania

Auto, Normal, Single, Force


Typ wyzwalania

Edge, Pulse Width, Video, Alternate


Trigger Holdoff

10ns ~ 10s






DC~25MHz: około. 0.5div or 5mV
25MHz~ 70/100/200MHz: około. 1.5div lub 15mV

Odchylanie poziome



5ns~100s/Div (1-2-5 increments)



100ms/div ~ 100s/div



10 div max.



1,000 div max(depend on time base)



±20ppm over any > 1ms time interval

Tryb XY


Phase Shift

±3° at 100KHz

Pomiary oraz kursory



Voltage difference between cursors(△V), Time difference between cursors(△T), frequency measure(1/△T)



36 sets.



6 digits. Range: 2Hz to rated bandwidth





Pomiar temperatury



Dodatkowe informacje

; ;


GTP-100A-4   100MHz Probe. Suitable for GDS-307/207, GDS-310/210

GTP-200A-4   200MHz Probe. Suitable for GDS-320/220

GTL-207      Multimeter Test Lead x 2

GSC-010       Soft Carrying Case

GSC-011       Soft Carrying Bag

GAP-001       AC-DC Adaptor

GWS-001      Wrist Strap

Optional Accessories

GDP-040D     40MHz Dual-Channel Differential Probe, Suitable for GDS-300/200

GTL-253      Type A – Mini USB Cable

GCL-001      Vertical Calibration Cable

Free Download Software

OpenWave 200 Software


Kontakt z handlowcem
Szymon Białkowski

tel. +48 61 8644 610
kom. +48 698 676 958

Maciej Piwowarski

tel. +48 618 644 609
kom. +48 660 533 379

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