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Thermal imaging tests

Thermal imaging tests

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The scope of applications of thermal imaging (thermography) is very wide. It is, among others, commonly used to make the assessment of the technical condition of a building. Thermal imaging tests quickly and easily record temperature distribution and allow to make so called temperature map of the inspected building. Subsequently, thermal imaging makes possible to detect abnormalities such as: thermal bridges, damaged insulation, damp or pipe joint leakages.

For thermal imaging tests we use modern FLUKE Ti32 cameras which detect even minor temperature differential. The camera is based on IR-Fusion® technology which allows to overlap infra-red and visible spectrum and read key information faster. High quality equipment and skilled staff ensure that the test is carried out professionally and accompanied by producing a measurement report.

We carry out inspections for the needs of the following branches:

  • electrical power engineering: detection of potential damage of electrical power equipment
  • construction: detection of thermal bridges, insulation damage, damp, woodwork defects and pipe joint leakages
  • heat supply: checking temperature distribution along pipelines, locating insufficiently insulated areas
  • gas industry: locating leakages in gas systems

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