» We became the exclusive distributor of Analytik Jena

We became the exclusive distributor of Analytik Jena


We are happy to announce that from the date of 1st January 2017 Merazet became the exclusive distributor of CP-OES, ICP-MS, AAS, ContrAA, UVVis, TOC devices, and elementar analysers produced by Analyik Jena.

Analytik Jena is one of the world leaders in spectrometry and elementar analysis.

Full product catalogue is available online: www.merazet.pl/analytik-jena.

Analytik Jena representatives at Merazet S.A.

The product presentation and sales will be cooperated by experienced specialists:

Mariusz Kubiak
Analytik Jena Product Sales Manager
Kom. +48 668-268-762
Tel. +48 61 8644 620
Karolina Wolny
Regional representative
(Silesia, Małopolska, Lower Silesia)
kom. +48 698-694-455

Service and guarantee

Merazet S.A.
Krauhofera 36 Street
60-203 Poznań

Contact person: Adam Putowski
p no. +48 61 8644 674
mo no. 698676895

3go Maja 64/66 Street
93-408 Łódź

p no. +48 42 684 38 31

Presentation at EuroLab Trades in Warsaw (29 – 31 march 2017)

We will prepare an exhibition of spectrometers and analysers at 9th International Fair Trades Eurolab in Warsaw.

We invite you to the cooperation and sending queries, or to visit our office in Poznań!

Analytik Jena
Thomas Stratesteffen
Regional Director

Mariusz Raczak
Chairman on board