» » » » A2.7.2.3 Stanowisko ćwiczeniowe napęd hybrydowy

A2.7.2.3 Stanowisko ćwiczeniowe napęd hybrydowy

In addition to the "hybrid propulsion" demo equipment, LEYBOLD has developed a student workstation that enables the study of all essential aspects in a smaller scale. Equipped with

  • a PMSM as an electric motor
  • an inverter
  • a dual voltage electrical system, and
  • a touchscreen display for the operation and to display energy flows.

The control units are networked with the motor CAN bus.

All common operation modes are adjustable:

  • Start
  • Electric drive
  • Boost
  • Regenerative brakes

The student can independently study the complex issue of hybrid technology. Thanks to overlays, various systems can be selected. The workstation can be linked to the PC.



739 940 Workstation vehicle hybride drive   8  1
524 013SKFZ Sensor-CASSY 2 Starter, Automotive   4  1
738 9821 Safety experiment cables, set of 51 1


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