Kurs magistrale danych w pojazdach nr kat. 7006301 – COM3LAB

In this CBT course, the interconnected electronic systems in automotive technology are comprehensibly prepared and taught. At the forefront of this is getting to know the various bus systems and their application areas. Here, action-oriented tasks lead to a comprehensive understanding of the connections in the vehicle. Measuring technology as well as troubleshooting and fault correction complete the learning content.
In conjunction with the CAN databus adapter USB, 739581USB and the LIN bus PC interface USB, 739588 the following topics can be covered:

  • Digital technology: Basics of the digital technology
  • Bus systems: CAN, LIN, SENT
  • Measuring technology: physical signals, protocols, fault analysis
  • Connection with external components feasible
  • Other applications and system components

The experiment board is located in a stable course frame. The master unit is pushed onto the course frame and connected to the board. The security lock ensures safe communication.

The experiment board is powered by the Master Unit.
The wiring of the experiments carried out over 2 mm cable.
Course content, experiment instructions and tasks are taught through a course-specific software.

Available starting October 2014

700 6301 COM3LAB course : Automotive Data Buses

Dodatkowo wymagane

700 00CBTEN DVD: COM3LAB software, English 1
700 020 COM3LAB Master Unit 1
700 022 Safety cable 2mm 1


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