Kurs technika komunikacji cyfrowej nr kat. 7007301- COM3LAB

The COM3LAB course: Digital Communication Technology discusses all topics of digital signal processing. Additionally attention is paid to the realisation and function of fiber optic transmission systems.
Emphasis is laid upon the applications of PCM technology, e.g.: transmission of voice and signals with real telephones, sound cards, CD-players etc. .


  • Characteristics of pulse carriers
  • Generation of PAM
  • PAM (natural)
  • PAM (S&H)
  • PAM spectrua
  • Over sampling / under sampling
  • Aliasing
  • Shannon theorem
  • Pulse code modulation (PCM)
  • Quantisation linear and nonlinear 
  • Compression / expanding 
  • Code errors 
  • Time division multiplexing (TDM)
  • Synchronisation 
  • Quantisation noise
  • Difference pulse code modulation (DPCM) 
  • Optical signal transmission
  • Signal transmission by wire (coaxial line / two-wire line) 
  • Simplex / duplex communication


  • Transmission of voice (requires external signals, CD player, telephones etc.)
  • Influence of the trigger and type of quantization on the speech intelligibility
  • Duplex communication (requires 2 x COM3LAB Course PCM technology, as well as external signal sources)

Virtual Lab:

  • Oscilloscope
  • Function generator
  • 2 Multimeters
  • Digital analyzer
  • Spectrum analyzer (FFT-module)
  • Frequency counter

Additional functions:

  • Word processing
  • printer
  • pocket calculator
  • Free experimentation
  • Glossary

The test board is located in a stable course frame. The master unit is pushed onto the course frame and connected to the board. The security lock ensures safe communication.

The experiment board is powered by the Master Unit. The wiring of the experiments is carried out using a 2 mm cable.
Course content, experiment instructions and tasks are taught through a course-specific software.

Dane techniczne

  • 2 x PAM Modulator
  • 2 x PCM Modulator
  • Clock-pulse generator
  • 2 x PAM Demodulator
  • 2 x PCM Demodulator
  • Signal source Sinus, 1 kHz
  • Signal source Sinus, 2 kHz
  • RJ-12 socket with hybrid termination circuit
  • Jack bush for connecting external signal sources
  • Jack bush for connecting external active speakers
  • Optical transmitter
  • Optical receiver
  • Fibre-optic cable with plugs, 3 m

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Audio connection cable (jack bush 3.5 mm)
  • 1 x fibre-optic cable (3 m)
7007301 COM3LAB course : Digital Communication Technology

Dodatkowo wymagane

700 00CBTEN DVD: COM3LAB software, English 1
700 020 COM3LAB Master Unit 1
700 022 Safety cable 2mm 1


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