» » » » » Płytka / chip ćwiczeniowo projektowa do układów CPLD/FPGA – FPT-2

Płytka / chip ćwiczeniowo projektowa do układów CPLD/FPGA – FPT-2

CPLD / FPGA Logic Circuit Universal Board / Chip Board
Leap Electronic designs a whole set omnipotent bread board to support ALTERA and XILINX; therefore users can easily assemble the desired circuit designs. FPT-2 is most apt in assisting towards researches and experiments, also projects.

  • After programming a finished file into EPROM (FLASH), it can operate independently.
  • Support ALTERA and XILNX development system.
  • Capable in using Circuit Graphic and digital hardware descriptive syntax (VHDL, ABEL, and AHDL) to develop circuits.
  • Users can choose ALTERA or XILINX chipboard modules.
  • Avoid the soldering issues between the circuits and cable lines.

  • Communication: Printer Port
  • Power: DC 9V, 500mA
  • Dimension: 20.5cm x 12.8cm x 2.5cm
  • Weight: 0.5Kg
  • Operating Altitude: up to 5000m
  • Operating Humidity: 90? (non-condensing)
  • Temperature: +5? ~ +45?
Chip Board Specification
Device Supported?


    1. EPF10K10TC144 (TQFP144 Pin)  
    2. EPF10K20RC240 (PQFP240 Pin)

    1. XCS10TQ144 (TQFP144 Pin)  
    2. XCS30TQ144 (TQFP144 Pin)  
    3. XCS20PQ208 (PQFP208 Pin)
Chip board model?

    1. FPT-EPF10K10TC144  
    2. FPT-EPF10K20RC240

    1. FPT-XCS10TQ144  
    2. FPT-XCS30TQ144  
    3. FPT-XCS20PQ208
FPT-2 Universal Board Specifications
  • Provide DC 9V/500mA adaptor or Extend power Pin for user, and the specification is DC 5V.
  • Attached with a power switch or Extend power indicator.
  • 25pin D Type Connector (Download FPGA by printer port).
  • Equipped with Breadboard and provide soldering circuits experiment.
  • Support ALTERA MAX + Plus II Baseline and XILINX Foundation’s development system.
  • Use Graphic, VHDL, ABEL or AHDL to develop circuits.
  • All I/O can be expanded by connector.
  • Download circuit by printer port from IC vendor's software.
PC System Requirement
  • Operating System: Refers to the original  CPLD / FPGA software install requirement.

Standard Accessories
  • FPT-2 Main board x1
Optional Accessories
  • DC 9V/500mA power adaptor
  • 25-Pin printer cable
  • ALTERA / XILINX chipboard


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