» » » » Zestaw ćwiczeniowy technika mikrokontrolerów nr kat. M1.1.2.9 COM3LAB

Zestaw ćwiczeniowy technika mikrokontrolerów nr kat. M1.1.2.9 COM3LAB

Global communication and mass transport on the street or in the air require efficient HF systems. Mobile radio networks, satellite communication, traffic control, air traffic safety, navigation services, GPS, etc. are applications which critically depend on the fault-free operation of their RF components.

The COM3LAB courses Microwave technology and Radar technology teach application-oriented knowledge on RF technology clearly and in detail.

Learning objectives

  • Learning physical basic principles
  • Independent use of network analyzers, Smith chart and Bode plot
  • Independent analysis of microwave circuits
  • Knowledge of the transmission methods
  • Function and structure of a radar
  • Evaluation of a radar screen

The COM3LAB Microwave technology courses work with a vector network analyzer and have integrated evaluation functions. the evaluations are shown in a Smith diagram and Bode plot.


  • Vector network analysis
  • Measurements on the measuring line
  • Passive UHF circuits in microstrip loop and SMD technology
  • Active microwave components

The COM3LAB Radar technology courses examine the function and applications of modern primary and secondary radars experimentally.
From the civil air traffic safety and the air surveillance with friend / foe recognition (IFF) to the coast radar and the security services, all topics are dealt with through of interesting tests.


  • Physical principles of radar technology
  • Technical implementation of radar systems
  • Tactical tests with radars.

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M1.1.2.9 COM3LAB ; Microcontroller technology

Components of equipment sets

737 51  8  COM3LAB Course: Microwave Technology I 1
737 52  8  COM3LAB Course: Microwave Technology II 1
737 60  8  COM3LAB Course: Radar Technology I 1
737 65  8  COM3LAB Course: Radar Technology II 1


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