» » » » Zestawy szkoleniowe projektowanie obwodów nr kat. M1.1.3.1 COM3LAB

Zestawy szkoleniowe projektowanie obwodów nr kat. M1.1.3.1 COM3LAB

The COM3LAB Protoboard and Electina form the ideal means for carrying out project work. Schoolchildren and students receive a task and must solve it from A to Z as in their later professional life. This is a good opportunity for checking how schoolchildren implement their knowledge and where certain skills are still lacking.

The project work encourages the schoolchildren's motivation. They learn how to deal with a problem independently and solve it successfully.

Learning objectives

  • Independent development of a project
  • Circuit design
  • Analysis
  • Troubleshooting
  • Circuit design
  • Boosting of personal decision-making and resposibility

The subject-specific modules Amplifier circuits and power supply circuits are complete projects, which the students can either work on independently or on instruction. the subject-specific modules contain all required electronic components.

Amplifier circuits

  • Single-stage amplifier using an emitter-base circuit
  • Bootstrap circuit
  • Darlington circuits
  • Two-stage, capacitively coupled amplifier
  • Two-stage, directly coupled amplifier
  • Amplifier with negative feedback
  • Differential amplifier
  • Push-pull output stage
  • Barrier junction-FET in various base circuits

Power supply circuits

  • Voltage regulation with Z diode
  • Voltage regulation with Z diode and parallel transistor
  • Voltage regulation with Z diode and series transistor
  • Power supply with adjustable voltage and adjustable current limiting
M1.1.3.1 COM3LAB : Circuit Design


Components of equipment sets

700 9101 COM3LAB Protoboard II 1
700 020 COM3LAB Master Unit 1
700 022 Safety cable 2mm 1
700 00CBTDE  4  DVD: COM3LAB software, German 1
700 00CBTEN  4  DVD: COM3LAB software, English 0
  700 00CBTXX – The COM3LAB – Software is also available in French, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Spanish, etc. 1
700901-01  8  Electina Standard, COM3LAB support (1 license), german 1
700901-11  8  Electina Design Suite, PCB, COM3LAB support (1 license), german 0
700902-01 Electina Standard, COM3LAB support (1 license) 1
700902-11 Electina Design Suite, PCB, COM3LAB Support (1 licence) 0

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